My name is Tammy.  I’m a forty-something, quirky/eclectic girl living my best life complete with two cats, Bandit and Smudge and pit bull, Mortimer.  I love a lot of things in life (campfires, waterfalls, and s’mores to name a few), but my passion…my calling will always be meditation, non-toxic living and now essential oils.

I started out meditating a little over twenty years ago as a way to help me alleviate and control my chronic headaches and migraines.  A couple of years later I, again, turned to meditation to help with my newly realized anxiety disorder (generalized, panic, social and phobia).  In both cases, I just wasn’t comfortable constantly popping pills as a form of a treatment on such chronic problems and wanted something more natural to

help me cope and prevent.  Meditation, along with some cognitive behavioral therapy was the key for me.  As my conditions started to drastically improve, so did my desire to learn more. 

My non-toxic journey started about eight years ago when I joined a company that opened my eyes to the amount of toxic chemicals that are in our every day home and personal care products.  Let's just say once you open your eyes to these ingredients, you can't go back.  I was devastated and felt really violated about the whole thing which just fueled my passion to remove these things from my home and educate others in the process.  When the company I was dealing with randomly shut down one day, the hunt was on for a company that meshed with my new set of values and compassion... and that is what lead me to Young Living and essential oils.  That leg of my journey is three years in the making and going strong.  I had a replacement company that wasn't okay with compromising my heath for their profit and they had these amazing little bottles of liquid joy to boot! The more I learned, the more I wanted to share these amazing tools with the world.

My mission is simple: To take my passion for meditation, essential oils and toxic free living and guide you, your family, your friends and even your kids to a deeper understanding of self. I will give you the tools and the guidance you need to take control of your thoughts and the way you react to them by teaching you to judge less and love more. I will give you the tools and guidance to make healthier choices for you and your family. Meditation is more than just sitting in silence. Toxins linger in every corner of your home. My life goal is to enlighten, educate and empower. Together we will learn, grow and journey our way to a more peaceful, healthy, and balanced life.