Join me today and let me help guide you to a whole new way to live your best life.  Program starts September 3rd, 2019 and I only have TEN Spots available!

Beginner?  Seasoned?  Misaligned?  Just Curious?

This is the course for you!

Seven Week Chakra Course

This course includes:

*Private Facebook Group Access


*Weekly Live Class

*Weekly Live Meditation

*Facebook/Email Support

For ONLY $99 ($280 Value)


Have you ever had an overwhelming feeling like your life just isn't balanced or that something just seems "off"?  Have you been dealing with chronic physical symptoms that your medical professionals have no answers for?  What about seemingly uncontrollable emotions or emotional attachments?  Yeah, I've been there too and a lot of times there's an energetic reason for it.  

Chakras are spinning energy centers in your physical and metaphysical worlds.  Although, there are 114 in total, the seven main ones located within your physical body are the ones most touched upon.  Just like how your spine can be out of alignment causing a wide array of symptoms, your chakras can also become misaligned, blocked or even too open resulting in similar issues.  This is where this course comes in and you do it from the comfort of your own home!

​With this program, you will:

~Gain a strong understanding of what chakras are and how to keep yours aligned for optimal total body health. Think of it as your energetic chiropractor! 

~Be able to tap into these energy centers to focus all aspects of your life leaving you feeling more grounded, connected, empowered and inspired.

~Allow you to accomplish the above with out having to leave the house!

Energy is all around and within us. Being in tune with your inner energies will automatically change your outer perspective allowing you a more peaceful existence.